Crossing borders

16-17 November


Friday, 16.11.18
15.30 h: Presentation of the creative process of Tuntu, by Dance Theatre Auraco
16.00 h: Presentation of the creative process of The garden of Spirited Minds,  by Dalija Acin Thelander
17.00 h: New trends of performing arts for babies by Päivi Aura (Finland), Dalija Acin Thelander (Sweden), Company Big Bouncers (Catalonia) and Àngels Margarit (Catalonia)

Saturday, 17.11.18
15.30 h: Music and art for babies. Recent investigation projects about the benefits of music in growth.
Participants: Paulo Lameiro (Portugal), Siri Dybwik and Kirsten Halle (Norway), Astrid Bossuyt, Zoë Bossuyt and Isabel Voets (Belgium)
17.30 h: What role should art have in our schools?
Yvette Hardie (president Assitej International) and Eulàlia Ribera (president Assitej Espanya)

All the conferences will be held in Sala 1 of L’Estruch (Sabadell)
They are open to the public and free. Limited seating