Blink Flash Duncan

Associació Blink Flash (Catalonia)

Recommended ages: 2 – 5  years
Length: 40 minutes

Further information:


Blink Flash Duncan is an artistic proposal for toddlers, a laboratory to wake up dance as a language of expression.

Isa, a brave and curious girl, discovers hidden objects in the stage. Each object contains a life experience in synergy with a feeling, a colour and a piece of music. We want to wake up children’s emotional imagination to give it a range of shapes, rhythms, characteristics, dynamics.

We will tell you one last secret—these seven objects contain seven life experiences which belong to Isadora Duncan. Children will not see her, neither will us. But she will give us the way to freedom, to the discovery of one’s movements, to creativity, to our dreams.

Idea and performance: Montse Roig
Coreography: Marina Cardona and Montse Roig
Dramaturgy: Joan Casas
Music composition: Aida Oset
Sound design: Aida Oset and Toti Arimany
Scenography: Maria Alejandre
Set design: Maria Alejandre and Quico Sànchez
Lighting: Marc Lleixa
Vídeo: Sílvia Isach
Costume design: Miranda Méndez
Production: Caroline Giffard