Ponten Pie (Catalonia)

Recommended ages: 2-5 years
Length: 30 minutes

Further information:


With Loo, Ponten Pie has created a new imaginary with a very intimate and highly visual format.

Loo is an Asian, warm and dry wind that acts on summer evenings, and the show is a vision of its tough task of pushing desert dunes and devastating wetlands, jungles and oceans. Leave boats paralyzed in the middle of a sea of sand, fulminating forever its possibility to sail.

Loo is a production of the festival El Petit Petit de Tots 2015 and Ponten Pie.

Idea and dirección: Sergi Ots
Script: Sergi Ots and Emilie De Lemos
Performance: Natàlia Méndez Castell
Costume design: Marcel Bofill and Nahoko Maeshima
Set design: Adrià Pinar and Pau Seguí