'Teachers in movement'

Training for kindergarten teachers

The game of the invisible: How to work on deep listening to children's emotions in the period of school adaptation By Carlos Laredo (Brasil)

Training for kindergarten teachers
Date: 16.11.19
Where: L’Estruch. Sabadell
Price: 15 €

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0 to 3-year-olds live their daily lives in metaphor, catharsis, mimesis, poetic and lyrical evocation and dramatic expression (both tragic and comic). They live in the aesthetics and in the dream of memories —all these representing an essential part of the theatrical or scenic rite.

In this practical workshop, Carlos Laredo will introduce us to drama techniques that will help us expand the limits of our listening capacity. He will also teach us how to delve into the feeling of abandonment and distress that 0 to 3-year-olds feel whenever they are separated from their parents during school adaptation. To this sense, Laredo will give us the necessary tools to guide children through this difficult stage.

Carlos Laredo is one of the forerunners of baby theatre in Spain and Brazil. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of cultural research and early childhood and has published several national and international articles as a creator and thinker of art in the early childhood.



10.00 h: Musicals per als més menuts, Companyia Pels més menuts. La Vela (L’Estruch)
10.45 h: L’hora del pati, La Soupe Cie, Tombs creatius, Den Draad (Pati de l’Estruch)
11.30 h: Training with Carlos Laredo

15.00 h Presentation of the LaSala’s project Teachers in movement (Sabadell).

15.30 h: Are babies born poets? Research project on the psychophysiological response of children under the age of 3 towards live arts. By Miguel Ribagorda (researcher, stage director and playwright) and Carlos Laredo (researcher and art director of La Casa Incierta).

17.00 h
: Breathing the light. Lecture on art and education by Lali Bosch, (professor of philosophy, curator of exhibitions and creator of projects that connect the arts, education and urban life).

17.30 h: Art feeds us and makes us grow. Round table with Àngels Margarit (director of the Mercat de les Flors), Xavier Gimeno Soria (lecturer in the Department of Applied Pedagogy at the UAB), Lali Bosch, Carlos Laredo and Karstein Solli (artist and choreographer).

All the conferences will be held in Room 1 of L’Estruch (Sabadell)
Limited seating
Simultaneous translation service