Petit als núvols

Petit on the clouds

Professional encounter

V International encounter of arts for Early Childhood


The great network of El més petit! 

Artists, programmers, researchers … you are all invited to participate and connect in this meeting to have a broad and complete look at where the entertainment sector for early childhood is going internationally.

This year’s edition will be online. And this is the program we have designed for you:

  • 6 lectures: We will discover, among others, how children are natural artists with Dr. Penny Hay or we will see what cultural and artistic awakening is like in the bond between parents and children with Sophie Marinopoulos.
  • Debates: Connect with experts to discuss topics that have emerged at the conference
  • Networking sessions: Do you want to know the projects of the participating companies at the Festival? Talk to them, discover their projects! Do you want to know how Catalan culture is promoted around the world? Get in touch with institutions such as the Institut Ramon Llull and Catalan Arts.
  • The experiences of the last months turned into a workshop of the company ACT2: Living in times of epidemic
  • Move on. Play. Dance! 3 online proposals: 3 specifically created experiences for the current context by companies that understand that “digital” goes beyond a screen