El més Petit, a resounding ‘yes’ to the arts for children

14-29 november 2020

But… how can we stand for the arts given the current circumstances?

We have been asking ourselves this question over and over again… And at last, we can proudly proclaim that, against all odds, our beloved theatre festival El més Petit will take place in November 2020! We are just trying to work out the exact format by listening to different proposals that will ensure that our festival is accessible for everyone.

This year we will also be celebrating our 16th anniversary. For El més Petit, this is a special edition for many reasons.

Firstly, because we believe that theatre is now more necessary than ever: we want to celebrate the arts and encourage a safe but real contact between artists and children. We also want to fill the lives of our children with intense, rewarding, beautiful and fun experiences. We thrive to give them the vaccine of the arts and inoculate them with one of the most important learnings of life: the importance of culture at any stage of life.

We are finally celebrating El més petit because we managed to get theatres and local administrations to commit to our project; because we succeeded in engaging many local companies —mostly Catalan ones, but also international— and, above all, because we do not want to give up the quality of the great proposals that were presented to us (all addressed at 0 to 5-year-olds).

On top of this, we decided that we will take our performances wherever needed: in theatre halls, in school classrooms, on the streets or on the cloud. We are thus becoming a versatile, innovative, truly accessible and open festival, capable of approaching everyone. We are not be leaving anyone out because we strongly believe that the arts are a basic right of children.

This being said, we would like to inform you that El més Petit theatre festival will take place from the 14th to the 29th of November 2020. Do not forget to add these dates to your calendars! This year, we will count with the participation of many Catalan cities: Sabadell, Igualada, Barcelona, Lleida, Olot, Benicàssim, Sant Cugat, Tordera, Granollers, Viladecans and Montcada i Reixac.

It so seems that we will be returning to our childhoods soon enough. We will again become the children who long to discover the world through play. What other better way is there to become the adults we are?

From El més Petit, we hope that we will be able to welcome as many children as possible to our festival —and maybe even some grownups who will rejoice at their inner child!

Let’s all get back to childhood. See you in November at El més Petit!