Petit als núvols (Petit on the clouds)

Enjoy 3 online artistic experiences

Until 06/01/2021

Animal Religion
Recommended ages: from 0 to 5 years old
Go for a walk and dance! Online family participatory action

Animal Religion recently visited your city and installed an idea/game in a secret place you know well. Now it’s your turn to take action ―go find that place! Watch the video of your city, read the instructions carefully and… off you go! Get to the streets, find that place and fill it with your moves!

But, hey! Remember that you need to bring someone who will film you (this is an act combining “movement” and “video”). When you finish your piece, send it to us and we will add it to our Great Worm made from all your videos. This worm will grow larger and larger and, at the end of the festival, you will see what it finally looks like! Isn’t that exciting?

Concept & Direction: Animal Religion
Interpretation: Quim Girón, Joana Serra, boys and girls from El més petit i tu!
Distribution: Imaginart / Petit on tour


(Latung La La’s horizon)
David Ymbernón
Recommended ages: from 2 to 5 years old
Play! Visual poetry to make at home and meeting with the artist

David Ymbernón builds up three small, unique worlds with a series of objects. Three worlds hiding stories, secrets, images, and dreams. From our homes, we are encouraged to explore the artist’s amazing worlds while recreating Latung La La’s fascinating universe.

In L’horitzó de Latung La La, Ymbernón wants you to set up your own cosmos and to send him a photograph, a video, a drawing or a poem of it. Just let your imagination fly!

Families are also invited to participate to a face-to-face meeting with Ymbernón where they will be able to chat and share some games. L’horitzó de Latung La La will not be complete until all the pieces fit together!

If the horizon looks at me,
does that mean that I am also the horizon to it?

Concept & Direction: David Ymbernón
Video Production: Paco Amate
Distribution: Imaginart / Petit on tour

(Expanding the jungle)
Big bouncers
Recommended ages: from 2 to 5 years old
Move on! Film and 3 proposals for families

For this act, Big Bouncer’s Jungle outgrows the stage and expands through the clouds to reach your home. A suggestive world full of sensorial atmospheres that you can experience without leaving your place, your home inhabitants being the audience.

This act develops twofold: Un dia a la jungla (A Day in the Jungle), a short film, and Jungla Particular (Particular Jungle), a visual artwork that will guide you through movement expression from your home.

After showcasing Jungla (Jungle), collective Big Bouncers now present a short film and visual artwork following their unique imagery.

Concept and Design: Col·lectiu Big Bouncers
Laura Rubirola
Creators & Interpreters: Mireia de Querol, Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai and Ursa Sekirnik
Sound space in visual artwork: Oriol Roca
Images in visual artwork: Tristán Pérez Martín
Production: Anna Bohigas
With the collaboration of: El més petit, Mercat de les Flors, L’Artesà and El graner
Supported by: Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura


Petit als núvols (Petit on the clouds) is the online program from Festival El més petit.
The purchase of the ticket for the family proposals gives access to 3 experiences:

  1. Cuc (Animal Religion)
  2. L’horitzó de Latung La La (David Ymbernón)
  3. Expandint la jungla (Big bouncers)
When you purchase the ticket, you will receive a code that will allow you to access the proposals.

Once the purchase has been made and the code has been received, you will be able to access the family proposals from here

Access to the proposals until 06/01/2021