Petit als núvols

Petit on the clouds


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The El més petit Festival facilitates the meeting and learning between equals while promoting the dialogue between expert trainers, teachers and artists from different backgrounds. It is an interstitial space from which we can (re)learn to observe, exchange experiences and reflect together about the arts for the early childhood and their role in today’s society.

Our training program  —featuring national and international artists and experts—, strikes back stronger than ever with a series of online activities at Petit als núvols (Petit on the clouds). Parallel to its regular programme, the festival will be hosting the fifth edition of the training courses Mestres que es mouen (Teachers on movement) and Artistes que es mouen (Artists on movement), two of our most successful workshops since 2016, held for a total of 200 hours up to today.

El més petit hopes to welcome you on this artistic journey! For our part, we will continue to passionately promote theater-making, change perspectives, generate unconventional artistic meetings and create new ways of working within the field of the arts and early childhood education.

(Video: Artists, teachers and children of the program Teachers on the Move 2019)