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V International encounter of arts for early childhood welcomes the Small Size Assembly (22/11/2020)



Small size Network was founded as an Artistic International Association in 2007 with the aim to widen the performing arts for early years (0-6 years). The Association promotes training, documentation and partnership programs. The association can be joined by public and private entities, as well as individuals, from any country in the world. Since 2013 the Small size association is a member of Assitej International. Roberto Frabetti from La Baracca, a Smallsizer, is a member of the Executive Committee of Assitej International. All Small size Association members are automatically members of ASSITEJ regardless or whether they are members of their National centres.


Small size aims to:
• network the most significant professional experiences of performing arts for the early years, coming from different countries and global cultural traditions
• support the relationships between our members
• foster the exchange of ideas, experiences, methods and research among those who work in the field
• enlarge the network of festivals and seasons dedicated to performing arts for the early years
• promote the activities of the network and its members
• support the dissemination and documentation of experiences and research.


Every year there is a general Assembly hosted by a Small size Network member. It is also a moment of getting together, having planning sessions, workshops and attending shows. Every three years there is an extraordinary Assembly where a new board of directors is elected. All the board work is on a voluntary basis, except the position of secretary.

The board and the secretary work according to the plan agreed in the Assembly. They ensure the presence and visibility of small size work in major Children’s Theatre events in the world, such as the Annual Assitej International Gathering and the Assitej World Congress. They also support the promotion of members’ activities. They look for ways to better finance the Small size network activities and they work to bring Small size Network and early years arts to the attention of the politicians. The board members are happy to assist you in your Small size activities.


How to become a member

The association can be joined by public and private entities, as well as individuals, from any country in the world.

If you can see yourself as a Smallsizer and you make, produce, study or teach performing arts for early years, proceed as follows:

Download the application form , fill it in and send it to:

Small Size in time of Covid19


From the early spring 2020, Small size Network members around the world were mostly restricted to their homes, trying to find ways to keep in contact with their audiences. Theatre, cultural venues, even parks were closed; while companies and firms try to work virtually, reaching small children and families with their cultural needs has not been easy. During this special time, the members of the Network met virtually and agreed to take part in a common action for sharing a wish, a dream, the hope to meet and create again for all children. Especially the little ones.


Last April / May, to Assess the Impact of COVID-19, the Small Size Network launched a survey on the impact and protocols affecting early childhood theaters. Of the 82 members (34 countries) in the network, 65 valid responses were received from 26 different countries, giving an overview of the situation worldwide.